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Success Stories

OFBiz logo

The Open For Business Project (OFBiz), founded in May, 2001 by David E. Jones and Andy Zeneski, is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the MIT Open Source License. The goal of the project is to create an open source application framework, application components, and suite of enterprise applications and to build a community of end users and developers that work together to create easy to customize business software based on best practices.

Andy Zeneski, Open For Business Project, said:
"Since OFBiz only requires a Servlet container and a Transaction manager, using a full blown J2EE application can be too much overhead and at times difficult to configure. While we initially shipped with Tomcat and Tyrex, we ended up running into many problems with Tyrex.
Thanks to the stability of JOTM, the Open for Business project is able to provide a high quality suite of business tools and application utilizing 100% open source components which are easy to configure and maintain.
We were so glad to find JOTM. The JOTM team combines a great mix of good people with good code. We have found JOTM to be very stable and worthy of production use. In addition to the code, the JOTM team has been very responsive with questions and timely with fixes to problems posted on the mailing list. We at OFBiz wish the best for JOTM." logo

Abmira provides Formature Document Management Platform and Distributure Asset and Inventory Management Platform either as an out of box solutions or as a toolkits for implementation of customer specific projects.

Miro Halas, Chief Technical Officer said:
"We have sucessfully delivered several projects which are based on JOTM and XAPool mainly thanks to great cooperation with the teams and great products."

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