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What is JOTM ?


A Collaborative Development

What's Next

Tomorrow we aim at delivering adaptable software that can be used in a wide range of use cases involving transaction management. In particular we are currently looking at covering transaction models such as flat, CNT, ONT, BTP.

How Do We Get There?

Our plans are to conduct in parallel the following actions:

Leverage The Existing Code Base

Current code base is available on the download page, developers can find the detail of the work in progress on the scheduled action page. We provide support on the mailing list. A bug tracker and a feature request tool are available on JOTM SourceForge page

Grow A Shared Expertise

We have just started a documentation page that we intend to use as a repository of background material for the project. We welcome contribution and expertise for this aspect of the project. You may find contact information on the JOTM team page.

Develop A More Generic Architecture

There is no publication yet. Preliminary discussion takes place on both project JOTM and ObjectWeb architecture mailing lists.
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