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:: Community support

Mailing Lists

JOTM, as open-source project, provides community support through mailing lists.

The main list is jotm::at::ow2::dot::org, and subscription can be done by entering a mail address on the following form :

(A confirmation is required to subscribe). The archives of the JOTM mailing lists are available on the OW2 Web site : Sympa tool or OW2 mail archives

Bug tracker

The bug tracker allows to follow the fixes done on the different releases. Everyone can submit a new bug in the bugtracker when he find an issue with jotm.


JOTM team is present on an IRC channel on FreeNode network (, the channel is #JOTM


OW2 server host a jabber server which allow to discuss with OW2 community. ObjectWeb Jabber clients : Ajax Flash Applet. An objectweb account is required.

:: Professional support


JOTM provides, through the BULL company, a professional support on JOTM and on JOnAS application server.

More information is available upon request by writing at : support::at::jonas::dot::net

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