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JOTM 2.1.9 (13th Jan. 2010)

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Last Milestone Version of the JOTM 2.1. It is the current stable version for JOnAS 5.2

JOTM 2.0.11-MR5 (8th Feb. 2010)

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Maintenance release for JOnAS 4.10.7.

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JOTM 2.0.13 (7th Sept 2006)

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This version fixes some bugs from JOTM 2.0.11. (303324, 304012, ...)

JOTM 2.0.11 (14th sept. 2005)

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This version is included in most old JONAS 4 versions.

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You can also get or browse the JOTM sources via SVN.
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