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16th May 2005: JOTM 2.0.10 released (CVS Tag: JOTM_2_0_10)

JOTM 2.0.10 provides fixes for performance and bugs found in JOTM 2.0.8.

See Release Notes for more information.

18th March 2005: JOTM 2.0.8 released (CVS Tag: JOTM_2_0_8)

JOTM 2.0.8 provides fixes for bugs found in JOTM 2.0.5.

See Release Notes for more information.

3rd March 2005: JOTM 2.0.5 released (CVS Tag: JOTM_2_0_5)

JOTM 2.0.5 provides the interface for the Jonas Administration (jonasadmin) to heuristically recover transactions.

Updates HOWL to 0.1.8 and XAPool to 1.4.2.

Supports XAResources that equate XIDs incorrectly, bug 303255.

See Release Notes for more information.

15th December 2004: JOTM 2.0.3 released (CVS Tag: JOTM_2_0_3)

JOTM 2.0.3 provides fixes in support of Jonas TCK certification.

See Release Notes for more information.

29th October 2004: JOTM 2.0.0 released (CVS Tag: JOTM_2_0_0)

JOTM 2.0.0 implements XA Recovery in JOTM including the development of a high-speed journal package, which is very efficient in managing the persistence of transaction log records. See High Speed ObjectWeb Logger for more information about HOWL. Both projects were a significant amount of work and we are quite excited about the possibilities that both projects bring to ObjectWeb.

It fixes several bugs.

22nd September 2004: JOTM 1.5.10 released (CVS Tag: JOTM_1_5_10)

JOTM 1.5.10 provided a stable version for use by Jonas TCK testing

8th June 2004: JOTM 1.5.5 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_5_5)

JOTM 1.5.5 provides the interface for the Jonas Administration (jonasadmin) to monitor currently executing transactions. It fixes several bugs.

8th April 2004: JOTM 1.5.3 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_5_3)

JOTM 1.5.3 is the first release of JOTM under a BSD-style license.

See Release Notes for more information.

31th July 2003: JOTM 1.4.3 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_4_3)

JOTM 1.4.3 is a maintenance release. It fixes several bugs and updates CAROL to version 1.5.2 and XAPool to version 1.3.1.

See Release Notes for more information.

18th June 2003: JOTM 1.4.2 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_4_2)

JOTM 1.4.2 is a maintenance release. It fixes several bugs (312, 318) and updates CAROL to version 1.5.0.
See Release Notes for more information.

The test suite has been updated (CVS tag: jotm-test-1_4_2) due to configuration change of CAROL.

14th May 2003: JOTM 1.4.1 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_4_1)

JOTM 1.4.1 is a maintenance release. It fixes several bugs (251, 256, 275, 2767, 277) and updates libraries jar files.
See Release Notes for more information.

The test suite has been updated (CVS tag: jotm-test-1_4_1) and some tests added.

7th May 2003: Jetty 4.2.10pre integrates JOTM

The Jetty HTTP server and JSP/Servlet container has released Jetty 4.2.10pre on their web site.
This release provides a new component, JettyPlus, offering additional facilities to core web and servlet services.

Jetty integrates JOTM, CAROL and XAPool to provide UserTransaction , DataSource and Environment Naming Context to JSP/Serlvets.
You can find more information on JettyPlus page

Thanks to Miro Halas who did all the hard work! Also a big thank to Guillaume Riviere and Jetty guys. Enjoy!

26th April 2003: JOTM integrated in OFBiz 2.1.0

Open Source For Business (OFBiz) has released a new version 2.1.0 which integrates JOTM as its transaction manager.
Their release notes state that:
"Another major new change is the integration with the JOTM transaction manager which is a replacement for Tyrex. This means that a very simple configuration can now be deployed with only a servlet container and a stand-alone transaction manager, and without the difficulties that Tyrex brings with it".

Andy Zeneski, from OFBiz, also wrote the first JOTM Success Story. Thanks Andy and good work for OFBiz!

24th March 2003: JOTM 1.4 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_4)

This release updates JOTM log system to take advantage of class and method names in log messages.
JOTM now uses Commons Logging as its log API and log4j as its default underlying log system.

The test suite has been updated to use the new logs.

11th March 2003: JOTM 1.3 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_3)

This release includes an example showing how to use JOTM and Tomcat 4.1.x to provide transaction support to Servlets.

28th January 2003: JOTM 1.2 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_2)

This release simplifies use and integration of JOTM in other projects by introducing new interfaces and providing a database example.

  • an Howto has been added to the documentation to help integration of JOTM
  • a JDBC example has been added (see the examples guide)
  • support for development with Eclipse has been added
  • the test suite has been updated to use the new interfaces

18th December 2002: JOTM 1.1 released (CVS Tag: jotm-1_1)

This is the first release of JOTM from the new CVS repository.

As usual now, packages can be downloaded from JOTM SourceForge page.


  • Use of Monolog as its log system
  • JOTM packages have been all renamed (from jonas_tm to jotm)
  • JOTM Test Suite and JOTM-BTP have been updated (CVS Tag: test-1_1 and jotm-btp-0_2)
  • Documentation has been updated

12th December 2002: JOTM CVS repository has moved!

JOTM CVS repository is now hosted by ObjectWeb SourceForge.

The new CVS address is
The old CVS repository is no more available.

For more information, see JOTM CVS page (and Download page for a list of available modules).

5th December 2002: JOTM needs a logo!

A logo is a fundamental part of an Open Source project (what would be Linux without its penguin! ;-). So JOTM needs a logo to improve its visibility inside and outside ObjectWeb community.

We have started to design some logos but they are not very imaginative or original... :-(

If you've some logos designer talent, do not hesitate to modify ours (or better, create new ones) and send it to me (in a vectorial format).

Have fun!

5th December 2002: First release of JOTM-BTP (CVS module: jotm-btp)

JOTM-BTP is an extension to JOTM which provides an Open Source implementation of BTP (Business Transaction Protocol) which provides transactions for Web Services.
It was contributed by Pierre-Yves Gibello and Xavier Spengler of Experlog. Thanks guys!

  • JOTM-BTP is available on CVS (as jotm-btp module) or a package can be downloaded from JOTM SourceForge page
  • Guide and Javadoc are available on the documentation page.
  • A demonstration is provided with JOTM-BTP. It is based on a Travel Agency which books hotels and flights within the same transaction. It uses also Tomcat and Axis and 3 Web Services (see JOTM-BTP guide for more information).

This first extension to JOTM is a very important landmark because it is the very first step to fulfill our vision of JOTM to provide several transaction models.

Do not hesite to try it, test it and give us your feedbacks. Enjoy!

2nd December 2002: JOTM at ObjectWeb Conference

The 2nd ObjectWeb conference was held near Paris, France, on 28-29th November. It was the occasion to present several works around JOTM and to meet people who were interested by JOTM.

  • Philippe Merle did a presentation on "Projects and development activities overview", taking JOTM as an example for the architecture vision for ObjectWeb (his presentation is not online yet)
  • Marek presented JOTM status (JOTM: where are we going?)
  • Pierre-Yves Gibello presented work done around JOTM and BTP (JOTM and the Business Transaction Protocol). Pierre-Yves also did a tutorial about BTP and Web Services based on his implementation.
  • Romain Rouvoy showed his work on Abstraction of transaction demarcation in component oriented middleware which he applied to JOnAS (as the application server) and JOTM (as the TM). However his work is generic and can be applied to any app server and TM.

Thank you all for your presentations.

JOTM team would also like to thank people who came to this conference and were interested by JOTM. We do believe that JOTM can gather an important community around middleware transactions (JTS, OTS, BTP, ONT, CNT,...) and we're looking forward to future discussions and works about it.

15th November 2002: Maintenance version of JOTM (CVS Tag: jotm-1_0_1)

This version of JOTM corrects several bugs (see Changelog), one of about RMI/IIOP support

All the tests of the test suite now pass with this version

14th November 2002: First release of JOTM (CVS Tag: jotm-1_0)

JOTM is now available as a full standalone JTA transaction manager. It also integrates CAROL library allowing to use JOTM simultaneously from both RMI/JRMP and RMI/IIOP clients.

Packages can be downloaded from JOTM SourceForge page.


  • New build process
  • Examples:
    • accessing JOTM from both RMI/JRMP and RMI/IIOP clients
    • using JOTM with a JMS server (JORAM) to provide transactional JMS messages
  • Documentation for installation, examples and test suite
  • Source or binaries packages available for download

March 15th, 2002: JOTM project creation approved

The creation of the Java Open Transaction Manager (JOTM) project with Christophe Ney as a project lead was voted by the ObjectWeb college of architects.

April 12, 2002: JOTM web site launched

A few weeks after the JOTM has been approved by the ObjectWeb consortium, we are happy to announce the avalaibility of a fully functional standalone transaction manager.

June 10th, 2002: 1st JOTM regular meeting

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