GoTM: From JOTM to Next Generation Transaction Framework


GoTM is for "GoTM is an open Transaction Monitor".

GoTM: a Transaction Framework

GoTM (called Jotm2 before) is a working name for the next generation of JOTM. The idea behind GoTM is to support a rich set of core services (such as Transaction Manager, Resource Manager, Concurrency Manager, Log Manager, Recovery Manager, Dependency Manager, Communication Manager, Validation Engine) allowing to build various personalities compliant to advanced transaction models or current industrial standards.

GoTM is based on the Fractal Component Model.

More documentation

API javadoc

More detailed overview of current developments

Presentation on GoTM at the ObjectWeb 2002 Conference


The last version of the GOTM prototype is available in the JOTM CVS repository in the jotm2 module.


In the context of the Osmose ITEA Project, a Forum dealing with the Transaction Framework is available here. You can use this forum for getting news about the evolution of the Transaction Framework and its implementation called GoTM and posting your requests.

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